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Signal Private message app Free

Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messanger is widely use as the standard of encrypted messaging apps, It is free and easy to use, available for Android, iPhone

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Is Signal app really safe?

Yes it is, Signal messages are end-to-end encrypted, and can only be read or heard by your intended recipients.

Why use Signal?

If the following words make sense to you then Signal is the way to go: Speak Freely, Share Without Insecurity, No ads, No trackers, Free for Everyone!

How to download Signal

For Android go to the PlayStore, download it and follow the simple steps. For iOS got to the Apple Store download it and follow the simple steps to install it. Signal is also available for Desktop Android, iPhone & iPad, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Is Signal app Free?

Signal is totally Free!!  Yes! free for everyone. Signal is also an independent nonprofit. Find out more in the Official Website.

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